real estate inspector, Gilbert AZ

We want to be trusted and show availability to our clients. We understand that the clock is ticking, and the job needs to be done within a specific time frame, so our professionals ensure to offer a practical and complete service.

Shining Light Home Inspection Services provides knowledge, service, and modern online reports. Not only do we carry out a complete home or property inspection, but we also use our training and expertise to educate our clients during the process.

Our inspections are based upon the established norms and our Arizona Standards of Practice for Home Inspectors. Our goal is to be objective by avoiding biases when providing observations. We believe that communication is vital, whether it's written or vocal.

We ensure that each inspection gets the attention that it deserves. Therefore, we write our reports in plain English using many details and pictures to be easily understood. Our team takes the time to state what we saw during the visit, why it is essential, and our recommendations. If you have any questions by the end of this process, we'll be happy to answer all of them! We ensure to summarize our findings personally and on-site during the last 30 minutes of our visit. In case you cannot be there, you can also schedule a video conference with us.

We use one of the top-rated home inspection software systems available today - HomeGauge. All the home inspection details, including information on the pre-inspection agreement and the final report, will be there for you to print or save. You can also use the Create Request List tool (CRL) to create a Buyer's Inspection Notice and Seller's Response (BINSR); it is quick and easy.